Monday, August 20, 2012

Sword Mountain, by Nancy Yi Fan

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What an absolutely charming and delightful book! I originally entered a giveaway to win this book (thanks Goodreads!) because the cover art looked fantastic and I figured I could give it to my daughter when she's older. I still will, but now I think I'll tell her she's "borrowing Mommy's copy." Nancy Yi Fan has created a world of sentient birds living--and warring--atop a mountain kingdom. The golden eagles from the mountaintop look down upon (literally and figuratively) the valley eagles. The eagle owls threaten to disrupt the eagles' rule (they can attack at night!). And a golden eagle prince brings shame to his family when he reveals he'd rather be a songbird. 

I almost wish I'd read the previous book, Swordbird (written when the author was only twelve!0 before I started this one, but I'll definitely go back and read it now. I'll also be sure to check to see if my local library carries Nancy Yi Fan's books. If not, I'll certainly be requesting them!

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