Review Policy

Copied from my other blog, Cozy Little Book Journal, but still (mostly) applicable:

1. My name is Mary Lavers and I wrote everything on this site.* 
All of the book reviews on this site are written by me, and all of the books reviewed have been read by me. If I were to post a review written by someone else, I would clearly indicate that it was a guest post. 
*On The Bookish Elf my daughter Magda helps me review children's books and sometimes her dad--who is a junior high teacher--helps me review books for teachers. But I always mention this in the reviews.

2. I also read every book reviewed on this site.* 
Though I may occasionally mention books that I haven't read, I'll never review a book I haven't read. This means I will not consider participating in blog book tours if I don't first have a chance to read and review the book.
*On The Bookish Elf I occasionally add a "You May Also Like" section which includes links to books similar to the one in the review. I may or may not have read/reviewed all of the books in that section.

3. I got a lot of these books for free. 
Many of the books I review on this sites are ones that I have received free from authors, publishers, blogger review programs or book giveaway contests. I may receive a print or digital galley (an advanced copy of the book, usually before the final edit, sent out for review purposes), a final print copy, or sometimes an audio edition. In all cases, I agree only to write an honest review. I never ever agree to write a positive review in exchange for a copy of a book, nor do I ever agree not to publish a negative review. If I accept a free book and agree to review it, I publish an honest review. No exceptions.

4. I'll always tell you where I got the book
In all reviews on this blog I indicate how I received the book, either by a disclaimer or a listing of the source. If no source is listed, you can assume that the book comes from my own collection or, more likely, from my local library.

5. Here are some of the places that give me books: 
Some of the blogger review and book giveaway programs I currently participate in are: Netgalley, Edelweiss, Hay House Book Nook, Booksneeze, Goodreads giveaways, Library Thing Early Readers and Member Giveaways, Atria Galley Alley, Penguin Exclusive Reads and Contests, as well as publisher book giveaways through Random House, Simon and Schuster and others. 

6. I don't write for money.
Although I may consider advertising revenue streams for my blog in the future, I will always be extremely upfront about it ("sponsored post"...that sort of thing) and I will never accept money in exchange for writing a good review. There are sites out there that do that and I'm sure they're very profitable, but personally I find it icky.

7. Except affiliate links. 
Most reviews on this site also have links to the book's Amazon page. These are affiliate links and if you click on them I think I get a percentage of a penny or something. Eventually this may add up to enough to buy a whole book (or maybe even enough to buy a book for a lucky reader in a book giveaway contest) so feel free to click away!

8. In the United States, the FTC ruled that bloggers are required to disclose any compensation they receive.  So I'm revealing all of this in part because of FTC regulations (you can read about the ruling here), but since I'm Canadian I'm not sure that actually applies to me. Mostly I just think it's good for people to know it.

9. If I promise to review your book, I will review it...but it may take a while. 
I apologize in advance for delays in posting reviews, but I can only read so fast. I would read 500 books a year if I could, but realistically I probably can't. 

10. Here's where you can find my reviews:* 
I typically post my reviews on this blog, plus my secondary blog, "The Bookish Elf" (if it's a book aimed at children, families or educators), as well as numerous commercial review sites such as,,,,,,,, as well as on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to posting reviews on all of those other sites, so my main focus is on this blog. You can find me with the user name "Cozy Little Book Journal" or "Cozy Book Journal" on most sites, but also as "Mary Lavers" or "Beatnik Mary" on others. 
*If you're reading this you already know what "The Bookish Elf" is. Hopefully.

11. Want me to review your book?*
If you are an author, illustrator, publisher or publicist and you would like me to read and review your book, feel free to contact me (all my details are on the "Contact" page).  
Note: I will not accept offers to review books sent through Amazon Kindle as these are not compatible with my ebook reader.
Please email me with details of your request before sending me any books or book files. You can email me at:
*If you can't find the Contact page on The Bookish Elf, just email me, Mary Lavers, at the email address above.

12. So that's it. 
Every review you read on this site was written by me (unless otherwise stated...occasionally my daughter shares her opinions about children's books, which I then include in the review...and sometimes her dad helps me review educational resources since he's a teacher, but I always mention it in the review) and expresses my own personal opinions, even if I received a free copy of the book.

In short, if you read a review on this site, the book was read by me, reviewed by me, and the review reflects how I personally feel about the book.

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