Thursday, March 7, 2013

Muddled-Up Farm, by Mike Dumbleton (illustrated by Jobi Murphy)

Muddled-Up Farm
Author: Mike Dumbleton 
Illustrator: Jobi Murphy 
Publisher: Star Bright Books 
Publication Date: March 15, 2013 
(First published by Random House Australia, 2001) 
"On a hill far away with its own special charm is a wonderful place called Muddled-Up Farm."

The cat says "moo," the goat says "woof" and the farm inspector has had enough! He is determined to make sure all of the animals sound as they should, but after making them practice...uh, it doesn't look like he could. All right, that's enough rhyming. 

This brightly illustrated silly farm book was a big hit with my three-year-old, although she did say she considered it a "sad book" because "the animals still didn't know how to talk like they were supposed to." I'm not sure I agree that it's a "sad" book (perhaps Magda is a tad dramatic, as many three-year-olds are) but I did agree that it could have used a more satisfactory ending. Not to ruin the ending of this preschool picture book, but the animals neither learned to talk as they should by the end, nor did they proudly proclaim their "muddled-up pride" or whatever. But I digress.

Not sure if you want to add yet ANOTHER farm book to your toddler's collection? I hear ya. But this one's bold illustrations in secondary and tertiary colours, plus its mixed up silliness, are enough to make it a strong contender for shelf space in your little one's library.

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Magda's Take:
"It was sort of a sad story--or a bad story--because the animals wouldn't do what they were supposed to. I liked that!"

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