Friday, August 23, 2013

The Speedy Vegetable Garden by Mark Diacono and Lia Leendertz

The Speedy Vegetable Garden
Authors: Mark Diacono and Lia Leendertz
Publisher: Timber Press
Publication Date: January 15, 2013
Source: NetGalley
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Every year I say, "This year is the year I learn how to garden." I say this every year. Usually I think about it, I worry that I don't know anything about gardening, I realize I don't know what to plant when, then I assume I've missed my window of opportunity to plant anything at all. And repeat.

But I think The Speedy Vegetable Garden might just be the answer. Filled with crops that can be grown in a matter of weeks--or in many cases just days--it's perfect for the beginner gardener. Plus it has recipes to go with the crops so you can make things straight away with your sprouts and beans and edible flowers and cherry tomatoes.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that the authors are based in Portland, Oregon, and at least one of them used to live in England. Will I have the same results here in Nova Scotia? The temperature is colder here and I assume the growing seasons are shorter. Can I still grow all the things mentioned in the book? Even the edible flowers? I'm not sure.

I guess the only way is to try. Of course this book came out in January and I've just now gotten around to reading it now, even though it's almost fall. Okay, so next year FOR SURE.


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