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How the Meteorite Got to the Museum, by Jessie Hartland

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How the Meteorite Got to the Museum
Author: Jessie Hartland
Publisher: Blue Apple Books
Publication Date: October 8, 2013

Huzzah!! When I read Jessie Hartland's previous book, How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum (Blue Apple Books, October 2011), I was so excited about it that I said I wished she would write a dozen more like it, explaining how other things got to where they were. I believe I suggested, "How the Hamburger Got to Your Plate" or "How the Book Got to the Library" but I figured she'd be able to come up with much better ideas than that. And she did! Yay!

Like her previous book, this is a cumulative rhyme similar to "The House That Jack Built" that explains first what a meteor is and then all of the people along the way involved in getting it from the spot where it fell to the American Museum of Natural History. "This is the dog who barked at the meteorite," "This is the teenager whose car was hit by the flaming rock," "This is the geologist who validated the find," "This is the exhibits team who prepared the display," etc.

At the end of the book there is also more information about the real life geologist (and real life teenager's car) depicted in the book, with photos. That was my daughter Magda's favourite part since she was very concerned about the poor teenager's car being ruined when a meteorite fell on it. But Jessie Hartland assures us that the teenager (who would be in her late 30's by now) was able to get more than enough money from the sale of the meteorite and the car to buy herself a new set of wheels.

If you'd like to learn more about Jessie Hartland and her books, I highly recommend checking out this interview on Pen and Oink in which she takes us inside her studio to look at her projects, her inspiration and her projects. Hopefully one of those projects is the next "How the ___ Got to the Museum" book!

Jessie Hartland in her studio, via penandoink.com


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