Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Best-Dressed Knitted Bears: Dozens of Patterns for Teddy Bears, Bear Costumes and Accessories, by Emma King

The Best-Dressed Knitted Bears: 
Dozens of Patterns for Teddy Bears, Bear Costumes and Accessories
by Emma King

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Publisher: Anova Books (Collins and Brown)
Publication Date: July 5, 2012
Source: NetGalley

It's cute, and the idea is a good one: provide a few patterns for basic teddy bears and then provide patterns for clothing them. If you like those teddy bears, you'll love dressing them in dresses, pants, hats and various costumes. The only thing is, I didn't really like the teddy bear patterns. They're okay, but they're the kind that have the arms and legs attached separately so there's a seam at the connector points. I'm sure that makes them a little easier to make than if they were all one piece, and it probably makes it easier to put them in a sitting position, but I don't think it looks as nice, especially when the bear isn't dressed.

I guess I think these would make good "display" bears but not necessarily good "playing with" bears. Having said that, that's just my personal aesthetic preference. There's no reason you couldn't make these bears--which are mostly the same but in different sizes--for a child to play with. And if they loved it you could easily surprise them with new clothes for the bear without needing to measure again. Personally, I think I may skip making the teddy bears for now and just try making some of the outfits for my daughter's other stuffed animals. I think she'd be thrilled!


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