Monday, February 18, 2013

Wild Rose's Weaving, by Ginger Churchill (illustrated by Nicole Wong)

Wild Rose's Weaving
Author: Ginger Churchill 
Illustrator: Nicole Wong 
Publisher: Tanglewood 
Publication Date: October 14, 2011 
Wild Rose's grandmother wants to teach her to weave on a loom but Wild Rose keeps finding things to do that are more fun than weaving. She runs through the meadows, watches the sheep and enjoys the beautiful day. When she finally comes in, she sees that her grandmother has created a beautiful rug that shows the meadows and the sun and sky that Wild Rose has been enjoying all day. Rose is moved by the art of the quilt but confused how her grandmother could capture all the colours of nature when she was sitting inside all day, weaving. She asks if she can learn to weave too, but her grandmother tells her she has something "better to do than weaving" just now and goes out to enjoy a rainbow. Only after that does she teach Wild Rose the art of weaving.

I loved this book. I loved the balance between going outside and enjoying nature and staying inside and creating art. I loved the "Little Red Hen" theme of the grandmother asking her granddaughter to help with each stage of the project only to have her refuse, but then be amazed by the end result. And I especially loved the depiction of the weaving itself, an art that is almost lost but certainly not forgotten.

There has been a renewed interest in traditional arts and crafts (like knitting and rug hooking) among younger parents, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be delighted by this book!

Disclaimer: I received a digital galley of this book free from the publisher from NetGalley. I was not obliged to write a favourable review, or even any review at all. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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