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I'd like to thank my guest blogger today, Angela Shelton, author of Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats. I reviewed Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats: By the Red Tractor Mailbox (Book One) in yesterday's post, and announced a giveaway contest that runs until July 31 (get your entries in!). Today, Ms. Shelton talks a little bit more about how you can use dress up play--particularly with fun hats--to not only encourage creativity and self-expression, but also to teach the alphabet. 

Teach the Alphabet and New Vocabulary Through Dress Up! 

 Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats is written to expand the minds of little ones (K-3rd grade readers) and get them thinking about bigger words and ideas! 
Kids are WAY smarter than you think and a great way to get their little brains working is with dress up time! That goes for boys and girls, since they can dress up as anything from a princess to a cowboy.  
The easiest way to play dress up is with hats! Shoes are fun too but can be a tad dangerous with the little ones trying to walk a grownup’s footwear. Hats are another story and tell who you are immediately as far as the imagination of dress up goes. 
I happen to collect hats so I have a huge selection for little ones to choose from. (I keep the very delicate ones packed away from sticky hands though.) 
When a little boy puts on a cowboy hat for example and you say, “Yeeehaw, you’re a cowboy! That starts with C. C for cowboy!” It totally and completely gets that little one excited. You will shortly hear them yell out, “C is for cowboy!”  
If you don’t have a huge collection of hats, you can hit your local thrift store or make your own hats out of construction paper, glue and tape and add in some glitter. Here’s a list of hats that show up in the Tilda books. 

A is for Aviator Hat.  
You can fly high in the sky with this hat!  

B is for Baseball Cap.  
This hat helps you play really well. 

C is for Cowboy Hat. 
Yeehaw!  You can ride really fast in this hat. 

D is for Disco Hat. 
You can dance dance dance with this hat. 

E is for Easter Bonnet.  
This hat has flowers and butterflies. 

F is for Fireman’s Hat. 
Save the day and put out dangerous fires wearing this hat! 

G is for Goofy Hat that makes you laugh.  
Tilda’s hat has a fish tank in it for giggles. 

H is for Helmet to keep you safe. 
Where your helmet when you are riding very fast. 

I is for Intelligent Cap. 
This is a great thinking cap. It is fun to be smart.   

J is for Jester Cap.  
It has bells on the end to ring when you do something silly. 

K is for the King Crown.    
You can wear this and sit on a throne.  

L is for Lace Hat. 
You look very pretty in this hat.  

is for Matador Hat.  
This one is shaped like a bull’s head with the horns for bull fighting.   

N is for Nurse Cap. 
Bandages don’t hurt when you have this hat on.  

is for Opera Hat.  
Sing a song when you have this on! 

P is for a Peaked Cap. 
Military officers and police officers wear these.     

Q is for the Queen’s Crown. 
You can wear this and sit on a throne.

R is for Robin Hood Hat. 
This one has a long feather in the back. 

S is for Stocking Cap.  
This long hat has a pompom at the end. 

T is for Top Hat.  
You can wear this hat to go on a walk or to lead a circus. 

U is for Underwater Swimming Cap.  
You can swim with this hat on. 
V is for Visor. 
This is to shade your eyes. 

W is for Wizard’s Hat. 
This very long hat sparkles with magic stardust. 

X is for the Xylophone Musical Hat. 
This hat makes music when you walk. You can be a whole band! 

is for Your Favorite Hat!  
Which hats do you like best?  

Z is for Zebra Striped Nighttime Hat.  

Sometimes you need to wear this one to fall asleep. 

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