Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Big Brave Daddy, by Smiljana Coh

Big Brave Daddy

Author: Smiljana Coh 

(text copyright Harriet Ziefert, Inc.)
Illustrator: Smiljana Coh 
(illustration copyright Smiljana Coh)
Publisher: Blue Apple Books
Publication Date: March 13, 2012
There are a lot of great preschool picture books about kids and their dads...I'm just not sure this is one of them. The illustrations are, I think, meant to be folksy or something, but really they just look like they were done with MS Paint or Facebook Graffiti (and even then, they're not that great). The text apparently wasn't even written by the listed author, since the "text copyright" is held by the publisher, Harriet Ziefert (see below for more about that). I've looked at Smiljana Coh's online portfolio and some of her art is lovely and amazing, but I am definitely not a fan of the art in this book. I thought maybe my three-year-old, Magda, would find it cute and silly at least, but she seemed more confused than anything ("Are they mice? Why do they have big ears? Where are their tails?").

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For those of you who don't know her, Harriet Ziefert is probably the most prolific children's book author you've never heard of. She has dozens (actually, I think hundreds) of titles to her name, but barely a classic among them. She's been published by nearly every major publisher there is, but now she self-publishes with her own company, Blue Apple Books (there have also been some rumours of a plagiarism scandal with at least one of her titles).

Magda's Take:
"What's on their heads? Are they mice?"

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Disclaimer: I received a digital galley of this book free from Blue Apple Books through Edelweiss (Above the Tree Line). I was asked to write an honest review, though not necessarily a favourable one. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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