Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Balloon Toons: Prickles vs. The Dust Bunnies, by Daniel Cleary

Balloon Toons:
Prickles vs. The Dust Bunnies
Author: Daniel Cleary
Publisher: Blue Apple Books
Publication Date: October 25, 2011
You know how sometimes when you go to a family restaurant and the kids' place mats have little games and comics on them, and they're always really lame but it doesn't matter because they're just going to get covered in ketchup in a minute anyway? This book reminds me of those 
comics. It's cute, but not that cute. It's funny, but not really. And honestly, considering it's about dust bunnies under the couch uniting to try to take over, it's more than a little disgusting. Ick.

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Magda's Take:
"What are those? Are those kittens? They're dirt? Eww."
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Disclaimer: I received a digital galley of this book free from Blue Apple Books through Edelweiss (Above the Tree Line). I was asked to write an honest review, though not necessarily a favourable one. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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