Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pig and Small, by Alex Latimer

Oooh I love Alex Latimer! My whole family absolutely fell in love with Lion vs. Rabbit and now he's on our permanent watch list. As in, we always watch for any new books by him and try to get them as soon as possible. Well he has a new picture book coming out in August and we're all so excited! (We're especially excited because I got an advanced digital review copy from NetGalley--yay!)

Pig and Small is the story of a pig (Pig) and his new friend, a tiny bug named Small. They enjoy each other's company but it takes them a while to figure out what kinds of activities they can enjoy together without their size difference being a problem. Small tries knitting a sweater for Pig but it's far too little. They try hide-and-seek but Pig can't find Small for days. They try playing chess but it takes too long for Small to move the pieces. They're starting to worry that it's hopeless.

Luckily they figure it out and a beautiful friendship is born. Awwww.

I read this with my four-year-old, Magda, and she and her dad (who was listening from across the room) both had the same reaction. They both thought that Small reminded them of the character of Very Small Beetle, one of Rabbit's "friends and relations" from The House at Pooh Corner. Very high praise indeed!

Magda also pointed out that in the scene in which Small tries to play chess, his opening move is to (try to) move the queen, which isn't a very good opening play so his game of chess probably wouldn't have gone well anyway. (Magda's dad has been teaching her to play chess and both of them are always excited when they see chess mentioned in story books.)

Pig and Small
Author/Illustrator: Alex Latimer
Publisher: Peachtree
Publication Date: August 1, 2014
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 Source: NetGalley
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