Sunday, October 21, 2012

Doodle Bites (A Tilly and Friends Book), by Polly Dunbar

Doodle woke up feeling bitey. Unfortunately her friends don't like it when she starts biting them! This delightful Tilly and Friends book by Polly Dunbar may be about a crocodile, an elephant, a pig and a bird, but it's a story many a toddler can relate to. It's no fun to be bitten or hit, but sometimes your friends just wake up feeling bitey!

I especially love how the characters work together to resolve the conflict and all remain friends.
Magda's Take:
"At the end they wrapped up Doodle's mouth so she couldn't bite but that's a little bit sad because what if Doodle still wanted to bite something, like food?"

Oh no! Magda's "Doodle" is biting the book!

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