Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Tilly (A Tilly and Friends Book), by Polly Dunbar

Tilly is a little girl who lives with her five friends in a little yellow house. They are: a crocodile named Doodle, a rabbit named Tiptoe, a pig named Hector, an elephant named Tumpty and a chicken named Pru. I love these books by Polly Dunbar! I can easily imagine Tilly's friends being the various stuffed toys she has in her room, brought to life by her own imagination. In fact, at the beginning and end of this story, Tilly is reading a little yellow book that looks suspiciously like the little yellow house where all her friends are meant to live. It's like The Matrix for the "under five" set.
Magda's Take: 
Magda (looking at herself in the mirror and playing with her hair) "I like how Tilly has curls right here!"

Here's Magda's own version of Tilly next to her (cardboard) little yellow house!

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