Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pretty Pru (A Tilly and Friends Book), by Polly Dunbar

Pru is a chicken. A fancy chicken. A VERY fancy chicken. She wears makeup and jewellery and bows on her head, and soon all her friends want to play dress up just like Pru.

Polly Dunbar said in an interview that her inspiration for this character came from how funny she thought it would be to have a chicken wearing lipstick because, well, chickens don't have lips.

What I especially like about Pru is that even though she loves makeup and dressing up in fancy things, she's also one of the most responsible of the friends. If someone gets hurt, Pru is the one to get the first aid kit and bandage everybody up or give them kisses. I like to imagine that Pru's personality is how a child would imagine a teenager to be.
Magda's Take:
Magda: "I like the writing of Pretty Pru"
Me: "You like the writing?"
Magda: "Yes, you have to listen. I like the writing of Pretty Pru."
Me: "What do you like about it?"
Magda: "I like how she puts her pretty red lip gloss on. But I don't like how Tumpty takes her purse."
Our "Pru" may not be quite as fabulous, but she's getting there!

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