Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Hector (A Tilly and Friends Book), by Polly Dunbar

Hector the pig was spending time with his friend Tilly. He was the happiest he had ever been. Then all the other friends started coming in and asking Tilly to play too, until there was no room for Hector. Then he was the unhappiest he had ever been. Luckily Tilly and her friends know just how to cheer him up.

Happy Hector is exactly what a masterful book for young children looks like. The words may be minimal, but they are carefully chosen and thoughtfully arranged, and the illustrations show so much even though they are so simple. I can't say enough good things about this series!
Magda's Take:
Hector is one of Magda's favourites of the Tilly and Friends. He's also the first character from these books that she "recreated" with her own toys. Check it out below!

This was the first homemade "Tilly and Friend" that we made. It's Hector!

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