Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where's Tumpty? (A Tilly and Friends Book), by Polly Dunbar

Tumpty the Elephant is trying to play hide-and-seek with his friends. He's tried hiding by closing his eyes, by putting a box over his head, even by doing a handstand while closing his eyes. But nothing seems to work--everyone can STILL see him! 

This book reminds me of my own childhood when my best friend and I would try to hide from each other and, if all else failed, we'd close our eyes. It also gives a little more insight into the world of Tilly and her animal friends. If you look closely you can see toys on the shelves that look like the characters: a stuffed toy that looks like it could be a pink pig like Hector, a yellow wooden bird that could be the inspiration for Pru, and even a blue couch that looks suspiciously like Tumpty. Polly Dunbar's outstanding series blends perfectly the reality of children's toys with the imaginary world children create for them. She's the A.A. Milne of our time. 
Magda's Take:
Magda likes to hide this book around the house and then ask us to find it. 
"Where's Tumpty?" 
"Where's Tumpty's book?"
"Where's Where's Tumpty?"
"Where's Where's Tumpty's book?"

Where's Tumpty? There he is! Magda's version wears glasses from her Mr. Potato Head.

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