Friday, May 17, 2013

Monster Knows Numbers, by Lori Capote (illustrated by Kirby Wallace "Chip" Wass)

Monster Knows Numbers
Author: Lori Capote
Illustrator: Kirby Wallace "Chip" Wass
Publisher: Picture Window Books
Publication Date: February 1, 2013
This book is okay. I mean, the colours are bright and the pictures are cute. A little monster counts various "monstery" things, like bug cookies and goo-covered yoyos. The rhymes are good but not great. There's not a lot else to it, really. In this case you can definitely judge a book by its cover. If the cover appeals to you, it's exactly what you can expect from the board book. If not, I don't know what to tell you.

Disclaimer: I received a digital galley of this book free from the publisher from NetGalley. I was not obliged to write a favourable review, or even any review at all. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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