Monday, February 10, 2014

Daisy's Big Night, by Sandra V. Feder (illustrated by Susan Mitchell)

Daisy's Big Night
Author: Sandra V. Feder
Illustrator: Susan Mitchell
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Publication Date: March 1, 2014
Source: NetGalley
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The only thing better than discovering this great children's book--quite by accident--is discovering that it is actually the third in a series. So my daughter and I don't have to wait to read more about these characters. Hooray!

Everything about this book seemed designed to be irresistible to an artsy-booksy mom like me. Daisy is a little girl whose favourite pastime is making lists of words she likes and who is very excited because she's been invited to a real grownup poetry party with her neighbour and her best friend's mom. Now she just has to figure out what to wear to be most "poet-like." Oh, I WISH those were the problems I had when I was little! That sounds like heaven.

To be honest, I requested this title on NetGalley because I was so sure I would love it, even if it didn't appeal to my four-year-old. But it turned out that Magda loved it even more than I did! We immediately got the previous Daisy books from the library and Magda is even working on her own word lists (though she needs help because she's only just learning to read and write).

At just over 100 pages these books are just the right size for early readers, while Susan Mitchell's line drawings help younger readers (like Magda) follow along as the story is read to them. I hope there are more in the series!

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