Monday, February 10, 2014

Sleep Tight, Anna Banana, by Dominique Roques (illustrated by Alexis Dormal)

Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!
Author: Dominique Roques
Illustrator: Alexis Dormal
Publisher: First Second Books
Publication Date: June 17, 2004
Source: NetGalley
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I read this book on my own while my four-year-old was asleep and I loved it so much I almost wanted to wake her up to share it with her right away. Then I realized that was madness. But wanting to forego sleep to enjoy a good book is pretty much the plot of this hilarious children's picture book.

Anna Banana is supposed to be asleep but how can she? Her book is soooo good. She just wants to keep the light on a little longer. Unfortunately that means her stuffed animals can't sleep either and they're starting to get frustrated.

I also love that her stuffed animals have such great names (Foxface, Grizzler, Pingpong, Fuzzball, Whaley and Zigzag...I think I got those right). It's like they all have interesting back stories. Also, Anna has a little doll house AND a painting of the SAME house on her wall. I wonder what the story there is. I have so many questions.

My favourite thing about this book is the idea that the little girl has fights with her stuffed animals. This is definitely something familiar in our house. Magda seems to be in constant disagreement with her beloved Lambie. Her father and I find this particularly confusing, considering Lambie is a little soft hand puppet who only talks when Magda makes her, but Magda assures us that she and Lambie have VERY different opinions on things. Somethings they're not even speaking to each other. Anna Banana would understand.

When I finally did read this to Magda, she loved it as well. She is a little envious of Anna Banana, though, because she's big enough to stay up late reading books all by herself.

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